There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about how to write a career objective statement in a resume.  
The truth is that you may not want to include one at all.
Actually, there is some controversy as to whether there should be an objective statement at all.
A good and well-written career objective statement will work in your favor and help you get the interview that will then put you in a position to get the job you want.
A poorly crafted statement will get your resume put into the discard file never to be seen again.
To be effective, a good statement should be short and specific without a lot of extra information..
A statement like  “I am looking for a position that will challenge my creative side” will not work.
A statement like ” I am looking for a position where I can use my 7 years of experience in customer service to assist the company in providing excellent customer service” is much better and will go a lot farther toward getting you the interview and ultimately the job.
Do not use a generic statement that is intended to got our on a lof your resumes It will stand out as an effort to just get by..
Create a new objective for each job you apply for.
In fact,it is best to re craft the entire resume to fit each position.
If you don’t know enough about the job, skip the career objective.
Here, you can spend your effort describing the skills you have acquired  that will work well with how you think the position and the company will benefit from hiring you.
If you look though some of the discussion forums and answer sites, you will see people asking for help in designing objectives that will fit in with the job they are seeking.
This is the exact opposite of what works.
It is a good idea to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and list your abilities, talents and experiences and then use the characteristics that seem to fit the job you want.
It might be a good idea to read some of these answer’s in the forums and posted resumes o get an idea of what some of the jobs are but do not fall into the trap of providing the same information that everyone else provides.
You are unique.
Let your future employer know that.

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