Fireworks have long been associated with celebration and making a statement to the world that says that there is a reason to rejoice and have fun. We have seen a fireworks display high up in the sky and all around us, getting lost in the dazzling colours and a myriad sounds. There is a great deal of work that goes behind creating a great and synchronised fireworks display that impresses audiences and keeps them spellbound for a long time.

There have been many occasions when the presence of fireworks whether they are costly or cheap fireworks, have kick-started a festive atmosphere. Any person would always have an occasion that they always remember marked by a fireworks display of a lifetime. But we seldom give thought to how such a spectacular show is put up so high in the sky.

The science of high flying fireworks

The composition of fireworks differs on a case-to-case basis. Indoor fireworks – that is if they are safe enough to be lighted and enjoyed within enclosed spaces, have materials that are extremely stable and slow burning.

Fireworks usually consist of long cylindrical tubes that are filled with chemicals that burn at different rates. Christmas crackers that go off with a bang are made of fast burning chemicals that are tightly wrapped in hard material to create a controlled explosion.

Fast and slow burning processes

But things like rockets have a slow burning chemical that creates a large amount of gases in a very short period of time. Instead of creating a sudden explosion, all these gases are directed in a particular direction and this creates a push on the rocket. This makes the rocket fly up in the air. In certain cases there is a tube in which a chemical ignites and creates a high pressure within the tube. Another set of materials are placed on top of this fast expanding gases and hence fly high up into the air where a delayed fuse causes it to burst and shower multi coloured fragments of light all around. Fireworks like wedding fireworks and roman candles employ a mechanism that is similar to the one mentioned above.

Sparklers on the other hand burn at a constant rate with the presence of different kind of chemicals giving it different colours. Whether it is cheap fireworks or costly fireworks, the fun that can be had with them is going to be great for kids of all ages.

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