And now for the secret of canopy tarps. The sportsman uses them; the outdoor movie enthusiast uses them. The car owner, and the home owner does, as well. Campers use them. Basically, this type of tarp has a wide variety of uses, but the main use of them is to use as a shelter.

A few examples of how a canopy tarp is used are: Portable garages, tent shades, awnings, and bungees. If you’ve ever watched The “Red Green Show”, then you know how to use ’em. And, Duct tape. The Handyman’s Secret Weapon. This show is about an old codger who comes up with some pretty strange inventions. But, he’s very intelligent, and he usually finds someone else to implement his weird, out there, and decidedly often dangerous inventions. Red Green blew up an inflatable garage, in one episode. If you’ve seen this, you know all there is to know about canopy tarps.

What these canopy tarps are used for is called Creative Shelters.They can be used for anything from an awning, attached to your store or house, to a firewood rack. They are perfect for the industrious camper; you can actually buy a canopy kit, which include solidly made steel fittings, ball ties, heavy duty tarps, and PVC fittings.

The kits come with anchors, as well. What they do not include is tubing, due to the fact that they are pricey to ship. Those can be bought at any home improvement store in your town. You can even design your own canvas tarp structure, online.

This one particular website allows you to design your canvas structure, even down to a gambrel roof.

You can keep the bugs at bay, by building an outdoor enclosed patio or porch area. Or, build a outdoor garage for your car.

You can make a very safe, quality tent out of one of these, and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a great adventure, very creative, and fun, so enjoy! That is the secret of the canopy tarp.

Michael Stein is the President of Tarps Plus – Tarps Plus has been distributing tarps since 1954.

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