A private therapeutic troubled teen boarding School for students who may be struggling in a traditional educational setting, the Academy helps underachieving and troubled teens with behavioral and academic problems achieve their full potential.

What many parents find is that their child needs to be removed from the immediate environment, particularly if their peer group has significantly influenced their behavior or there is an issue with substance use. Therapeutic boarding schools promote both academic and behavioral success, and allow the teenager to thrive in a structured, safe environment away from any negative influences in the school or social environment in their home town.

The therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen is more than a beautiful campus offering remarkable facilities for academics and personal growth. The committed faculty and dedicated students have created a sense of community.

Therapeutic boarding school program helps teenagers with low self-esteem, behavioral, and academic problems achieve their full potential.

The emotional growth and counseling program at boarding school for boys and girls focuses on trust and honesty, especially in terms of the individual child’s personal story. Peer group development continues and the intensive cognitive and emotional aspects of the therapeutic program begin.

Physical growth is an integral part of the program at private boarding school for underachieving teens. This is accomplished through physical education classes, clubs, and on-campus activities.

Other type of therapeutic program is outdoor wilderness programs incorporate traditional therapeutic modalities into a wilderness adventure experience.

Student’s camp in the mountains, desert, or other natural areas, learns to make their food, gather water, and build fire without matches. The natural environment dictates cooperation among participants, which helps to build positive peer relationships.

If you are a parent frustrated by your teen’s behavior and academic performance, therapeutic boarding schools can address both issues and help your child achieve his or her full potential and make a bright future indeed possible.

Many parents know they have a troubled teen on there hands, as these warning signs will help tell. The question many parents have is “What do I do!” or “what are my options? If you have any suggestions for how to improve this site or any questions pertaining to these sites, feel free to go:




They can be of great help. They are user-friendly guide for professionals who supervise, manage, teach, or treat teenagers who get into trouble.

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