When you start out on your adventure teaching English abroad, you’re going to teach others and you don’t really think about yourself. But you can really develop yourself through traveling and you’ll really learn a lot. Travel is actually considered as an education in itself. Travel teaches you to:

1- Be independent

When you leave your home and set off for a new country to become a TEFL teacher, you’ve taken a big step to become a more mature and fully developed person.  Through your experience, you’ll learn life skills, how to rely on yourself, and how to survive.  It will teach you how to be street smart and think intelligently when you’re in situations that are unfamiliar to you.  You’ll also learn practical skills, like how to budget your money.

2- Plan and be flexible

Traveling teaches you how to deal with situations beyond your control.  If you have plans that for whatever reason don’t happen (because of rain, snow, you were bitten by a monkey – yikes!), you’ll learn how to let go, make the most of the situation, and have fun with whatever surprises are thrown your way.

3- Open your eyes to what else is out there in the world

Visiting poorer countries opens people’s eyes to the poverty that exists in the world and to how much better and easier people who live in Western countries have it.  It teaches you to be thankful for what you have.  It might give you a whole new lease on life and inspire you to try to change the world and make it better!  But how are you supposed to understand and empathize with the world if you haven’t seen it for yourself?

4- Be more confident

Once you teach abroad and can navigate new countries with foreign languages – even learn how to speak them yourself, learn new skills, deal with new customs and exotic foods, and survive the experience, you’ll be super confident that you can do anything you want to!

5- Have an open mind

It’s easy to become stuck-in-a-rut in your life at home, but when your start traveling you’ll really learn to have an open mind about other people’s cultures and traditions.

You will learn how people live differently and how they think differently.

6- Realise the world is a beautiful place

The world is a beautiful place, with some amazing sites that you cannot truly appreciate until you’ve witnessed it for yourself. With some breathtaking sites such as the Great Wall of China or the rainforests with all sorts of creatures in South America, you’ll realize for yourself what an amazing world we live in.

Teaching English abroad is the perfect opportunity for any English speaker to explore the world. As long as you’re a fluent English speaker, a TEFL course is your ticket to the journey of your life.

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