It could be the story about anyone, a young student trying to finish with school and then moving onto a regular job with benefits. My pal Ron was only 34 and was married with so much promise and life to be lived ahead of him. It is typical for students to live without insurance, when they are independent, and Ron was no different.

Ron had headaches that went on for a while before they worried him. When he started noticing vision issues, he knew it was time to seek a doctor. It took many tests and some time to figure out that what was behind the issue was a brain tumor. It was not in a place that could be operated on. There were some immediate life changes with the 6 months to live prognosis. No more driving was a tough one and one night he had to break that rule.

He had an accident while driving to the nearby store. It wasn’t far from home so he just walked home without telling anyone about it. He didn’t realize that the blow to his head was going to be very serious because he felt OK at the time. Unfortunately the whole thing went bad very fast.

After his wife returned home he went in the shower and became light headed and passed out, so his wife called 911 and they rushed him to the local emergency room. Upon examining Ron they determined that he would need surgery because he was hemorrhaging in his brain but due to the fact that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a prognosis of death the doctors simply made him comfortable on a gurney in the ER and with his wife at his side he passed away.

It is important to understand that this is a true story and not something that happened a long time ago but only about 10 years ago. Ron was a real person but the doctor’s decided that it was not the best investment of their time and money to save his life if he was just going to turn around and die a few months later anyway. No one knows what the future holds for them and no doctor really knew exactly how much longer Ron could have lived with his tumor or if treatments could have helped to shrink the tumor. All that is known is that Ron was allowed to expire there in the hospital emergency room that day and leave behind a grieving widow not because there was nothing that could be done but very simply because they didn’t have the insurance to cover it.

Everyone wants some type of health insurance that they can afford. Effective Family health insurance is a necessity for your kids.

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