For most single moms, dating and sex after having kids is hectic. It’s the needs of her children that define her boundaries. Juggling roles, tasks and emotions leaves her with little or no space of her own. So if you are dating a single mom understanding the difference between a single mom and a single non-mom is crucial. A mom cannot be as carefree, flexible, free-spending and impulsive like a non-mom.

Check out few tips on how to take care of that single mom in a way that will have her asking for more:

Be understanding and flexible: It is important to understand that impulsiveness and motherhood do not always go together. Surprise outings though may be romantic and fun, but are often not easy for most single moms to manage. Issues like helping the kids with homework or extracurricular activities can dampen any spur-of-the-moment plans last minute. All you need is to be flexible and be ready for an extreme change when needed.

Be understanding about her budget: A single mom often has to be strict with her budget. Babysitting is one of the biggest expenses a single mom with a young child has. As an option, plan activities or outings that may not require a babysitter. Or else you can fix a date with her on the weekends when her kids are away with her ex husband. You can plan a movie at-home or an outing with kids if you have already met with them. She’ll surely appreciate your effort and you’ll score some major points.

Be considerate about the restrictions of your attachment with the kids: If she does not want you to meet her kids immediately, be patient. Don’t presume that she does not like you enough to take you to her kids. Let her take her time as she may want to give you the opportunity to know her as an individual before you meet her kids and see her “mom role.”

Follow her instructions in front of the kids: Understand her limitations about how much affection to express in front of the kids, and how and ac accordingly. If you have problem with the kids’ behavior, discuss it with her in their absence. In the early stages, do not try to be a father or a father figure to her kids or else they may end up resenting you.

Be open to her need to include the kids: After you both feel there could be long-term relationship between you two, bring the kids on some of your outings. If her kids express dislike for you, or refuse to participate in activities with you or express jealousy, do not take it personally.

Do not get in between her and her ex: Dealing with her ex can be complex. Let her take care of all the communication and interaction with him. Be a patient listener when she wants to talk about him, but do not ask inquisitive questions.

These small tips and a little understanding can go a long way in making a successful relation with a single mom.

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