There is a huge shortage of qualified nurses in hospitals, mainly because of the decreased number of graduates from nursing programs and colleges for nursing. Of the different types of nurses available for nursing duties, hospitals and health care centers and clinics prefer registered nurses.

Whether you want to become an RN or LPN, you have to first decide which nursing program you want to join. You can choose from pursuing a diploma, bachelor’s degree or an associate degree.

You can earn a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing from nursing colleges. It takes four years to complete. Nursing students can also consider obtaining another popular nursing degree, an associate of nursing degree.

This degree only needs two to three years for completion and is offered in community and junior colleges. However, as the number of hospital schools offering a nursing diploma is now decreasing, nursing diplomas are becoming less popular.

Besides there offline nursing colleges there are many online colleges for nursing offering programs at reasonable rates. Moreover, these nursing degrees can be completed at your leisure and obligation. If you complete your work fast, you can earn yourself your degree quickly and if you are late in completing your assignments, you will need extra time to earn your degree.

The admission requirements for different nursing colleges vary. So you have to be careful and vigilant when you apply for your nursing college. Basically, it is depending on whether you are looking to pursue your degree in a private or public institution and whether you want a 2 or 4 year course. Your application requirements also depend on whether you are applying for your nursing degree through a common application or not.

In addition to all this, the admission requirements for nursing colleges change with value and size of the institution.

Students looking for admission to nursing colleges are usually assessed based on their academic grades, class ranks, their major grades, personal statement, SAT or ACT marks and whatever remarks or recommendations the school counselor gives about them.

When you apply to colleges for nursing, the colleges generally prefer students who come from the same state. Then again, there are some colleges that prefer SAT qualified students and some, who need a proof of immunization against some diseases.

Colleges for nursing also prefer students with emotional stability as they should be capable enough to make and take decisions when taking care of patients. In addition to this, they also have to be physically fit and be fluent in speaking, writing and reading English. This is to facilitate good communication with patients. They should also initially include chemistry and biology as their subjects.

The nursing colleges also check their students for any form of past criminal background. It is generally students who have excelled in their initial high school years who have a better chance of admission to colleges for nursing. If you have a passion for nursing and meet all these requirements, then you have to get an application form for your nursing program.

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