Toys and playing open the doors of knowledge for children. Children may explore the world through play. Play can promote children’s physical and mental health. The play is an esoteric knowledge. The American academy of pediatrics study, will let the kid play freely benefit them. It helps children become more creative; find his passion, developing solutions and harmony with others to adapt to that environment ability. Explore through play learns explore and control environment.


Children’s healthy development needs more playing time. Many wonderful play cultivate children’s creativity and social skills. The process of children playing in the hands and stimulate the body touch development. Tactile dysplasia, can affect the brain on the outside of the cognitive and strain. Touch is a kind of emotional communication method.


Grown-ups never intended to teach children, no matter what kind of small children, we should let children study themselves, give the child to find opportunities. Parents must consciously restraint that everything the idea for the child, give the child a certain freedom. Within the scope of certain and give the child for the development of options, children are crucial to their values.


Children’s most behavior is meaningful, if we don’t understand the child’s behavior, but this behavior does not constitute a danger to the child, if we should protect children, let him continue this behavior. The best, most natural way to promote child’s good development in the society, the language and spiritual: parents and children will raisers in their interactions, and play as much as possible with children.


Highly educated mother, the more focus on for the child, wouldn’t let children grow up naturally, parents should have deep understanding, understanding and respect in the potential for life regularity and life.

Parents should profoundly understand life integrity, know happy childhood for life to develop unique important value, understand this phase of the education for each of the important influence infant individual life.


Every child needs to get from parents enough attention. In every day of work, we want to set aside some time for children’s games. Preschool through contact with concrete and simulation study, something relevant to life with companion, adults need to interact with the environment for children to provide all kinds of experience, as far as possible let children exposed to all kinds of things. Parentsare children’s listener, supporter, spiritual accompany person.



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