There are a lot of passport offices in U.S, near about 9000 or more; through U.S passport service guide you can choose your near one passport office.

The passport requirements for a U.S passport involve your original birth certificate (if born in united state) or original certificate of citizenship (if born outside the U.S), original certificate of neutralization issued by the immigration and neutralization office. The certified birth certificate needs embossed, multicolored sealed with registrars signature, which must be within one year of birth. After your marriage or by other way if you changed your earlier name, you need to have a marriage certificate or name change court decree. These passport requirements are necessary to prove yourself as a U.S citizen. Besides these there are different types of rules are applicable in certain conditions like if you dont have your proper date of birth (birth certificate) ,you have one U.S parent or both U.S parent and certain rules for adapted children also.

Moreover, if you want to just visit, you need a Travel Visa, foreign citizen who wanted to visit U.S for different kind of temporary purposes like study, services, work related to mass communication or journalism and medical treatment because of their much advanced techniques, needs different categories of travel visa.

(B-1 visa for conducting the business and B-2 fun/pleasure or medical treatment), these visas are issued and validity durations are up to 3 months to 10 years; all the visitors needs a certain purpose, to stay in U.S indefinitely or to search employment are not categorized as visitors. If you have traveled many countries, you have your own home in U.S and you are above 60s, it would be very easy to issue visa. If you are not married, widow, have a communicable disease, are sentenced for any crime and your passport was lost at any time etc. in these conditions, you would have to face immigration problem.

Earlier the renewing of U.S passport used to very overwhelming and time taking process, however the U.S passport application and guideline provides us simple instructions and answers of the questions that are frequently asked; so applying and renewing of passport are easy now. The New Passport Application guidelines includes application requirements, united state passport overview, how to request a replacement for a stolen password, change your name and other update according to requirements, renew and expired passport, special requirement for the individual under 17; these all are the guidelines simply defines how a U.S citizen should apply for a new U.S passport card.

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