A very important change that the 21st century has brought in the Indian society is the manner in which people are looking at government jobs. In almost every aspect of jobs, the government is becoming the first choice for people, who are passing out freshly from colleges and for those who are already in a profession.

Everyone seems to be seeking a job in a government organization. Be it an engineer, doctor or even a clerk, the government jobs are attracting people in large numbers. One of the major areas where students are queuing up for jobs in government is the IT sector. The information technology jobs in India as well as abroad, were quite many. And students immediately after passing out were readily absorbed into these jobs, quite easily.

But since the jobs have also been opening up in the government sectors, students are trying to come into these jobs. With factors being favorable for the freshers, such as stability, pay, and promotions, these, government IT jobs are becoming demanded. Computer is being utilized in various aspects of government.

Most of the organizations are having their work done through computers. Some sectors like defense, telecommunication, healthcare, etc do have a necessity of use of computers. Many sectors such as education, postal, agriculture, and even judiciary are carrying out their processes through the use of IT and computers.

Engineering stream has seen the largest utilization of such services and therefore this is one of the major areas were government IT jobs are in plenty. Many students, who are freshly passing out of the colleges with engineering and MCA degrees, are being recruited to various posts in the government organization. This is happening with the government jobs being preferred over the private sector.

The development, which is being seen in India, can be largely contributed to the introduction of such utilization of computers and IT services. Freshers are competent in carrying out these functions. Though, many projects are being initiated in the government arena in collaboration with government sector, it is still under the control of the government and the pay and perks are as per the government rules.

Students from various streams are learning the computer based applications and are making themselves savvy to use operate the IT based software programs. Various government organizations are asking their employees to learn computers so that they would be able to carry out the works with ease.

Use of IT and computer applications are known to make the work easier and are also quite fast. The productivity is bound to increase and the common man is reaping the benefits. The government IT jobs have helped the freshers to enter into the government arena and create opportunities for themselves in IT. The craze for computer and IT based jobs has enabled a lot of people to good life and good careers.

When the start in such a sector is from a young age, people are expectant enough to carry on their jobs and careers in the IT sector and be established in higher posts. With education qualification being accumulated by the students, it is not a very big deal for them to find such jobs. And the government is playing its part well by creating jobs that suit people who have an educational background in the IT sector.

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