Are you a stay at home Mom needing some extra income?  In these economic times you probably do. You probably have your hands full and having a full time job outside the home is impossible for you.  There are some part time and temporary jobs available.  You can work around your own schedule. 

Being a stay at home Mom is a hard job in itself.  I know from experience.  To make extra money I have done different things.  Part time work and temporary jobs have helped me add to our household income and still do the things I need to do for my family.  Some of them I did not care for but did them anyway.  A couple of things I have done I really enjoyed.  They are listed below.

One part time job that I have done and still do is substituting in the school system.  There are different areas you can substitute in.  If you are not comfortable working as a substitute teacher you may be able to work as a substitute teacher’s aide.  Or maybe you would like to sub in the lunchroom serving food to the students. Another job is substituting as a custodian.  Each assignment that you get is a little different.  I have found that they are not too difficult, but you do earn your pay. In our county, the school board has a job fair for subs during the summer.  They have short training sessions so that you know what to expect.

Another part time and temporary job is filling out income tax returns.  In our area you can take a class to learn how to fill out returns.  The class costs from about $ 25.00 to  $ 150.00.  The classes are not that hard.  If I can do it you can too.  After you take the classes and pass, they offer you a job helping them during the tax season.  You can work during the day or evening.  You can work a full eight hours or less than that, according to your availability. 

These are some things that I have done and have made a little extra cash and had fun doing it.

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