In the evening before I leave the office I make sure of the position of the two rubber stamps but next morning the position has changed so something is happening over night I do not know about.

The strange thing is one of the two rubber stamps is pretty old made with a bad looking wood handle and really not looking very good. The other one is not more than a year old and made of plastic with a red handle and looking very good but no doubt they are attracted to each other. Why else would they move over night?

One night I decided to stay in the office over night to see what happened. I got a nice little bed installed, got a book to read and settled for the night waiting to see what happened with the two rubber stamps. Nothing happened while I was awake but sometime after midnight I felt a sleep and when I woke up in the morning they had changed position looking at each other with loving care.

I keep thinking about how this is possible. We do not have any small earth quakes that could make it happen and rubber stamps are made of either wood or plastic and are dead objects – but still they change position over night. So something is happening and I have to find out what it is that make them look at each other every morning as it they are in love.

I have decided to try again to sleep in the office and stay awake but my wife thinks I am crazy and she does not want me to do this… so perhaps some one when reading this article has an idea about what is happening?

Perhaps there is some kind of magnetism between wood and plastic that gradually draws the two rubber stamps towards each other so they slowly move but then this should also be happening in the day time and it is not. It is a real mystery.

I have Googled to see if there is any one out there who has an idea about what is happening but nothing showed up so I wonder if I am the only one in the world who has two rubber stamps on my desk that over night fall in love with each other. The strange thing is also that the one with the wood handle is very old and the one with the plastic handle very is young – but perhaps rubber stamps are like human beings. Age is no barrier for falling on love.

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