Recently the whole world witnessed the natural calamity that struck Japan in the form of Tsunami and earthquake. Cities were washed away, lives devastated, everyone around the world prayed for the safety of Japanese people. The whole world united in a string of offering support to the people in need there. Everyone’s heart went to them and wanted to do their bit of support offering to them. The nuke plants playing spoiled sports worsened situation. But the whole world stood united to fight against this natural disaster faced by one of the most technically advanced countries. It was very difficult to offer any kind of compensation ( in german Abfindung ) to those who have lost their families or loved ones during this tragedy. The loss occurred could not be re-filled with anything else, but with best wishes and consistent efforts of Japanese people, today we see a stronger and powerful nation, which is undeterred and unshaken. The world took note of courage and confidence with which this nation faced one of the most devastating natural disasters. There are various types of aids offered to people by the country’s government for overcoming the tragic loss. People have to claim this help from the government.This type of help may include monetary help, food packets and/or temporary shelters, which are called transit camps. Transitional aid ( in german Übergangsbeihilfe ) is mainly for the families of descendants. Those who have survived can claim this type of help from the government by giving the account of loss which has occurred. Any kind of compensation may not fulfill the vacuum created due to the loss, but it is an effort to reduce the intensity of the loss. Another case where claim can be placed from the government is the war scenario. Here, the disaster in certainly not natural but manmade. Any government is responsible for well being of its own people. Offering the citizens their due aid after getting the account of loss occurred during wartime is a mandatory service. Government is functional for looking after its people and it is mandatory to offer relief funds to the people hit by natural calamities or war.

Peace and happiness may not be returned to the shattered families, their loss may not be fulfilled by the aid offered, but it certainly helps in reducing intensity of tragic incident.




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