Federal Aviation Administration received 15 reports of air in Texas earlier in the day of at least a bright fireball, accompanied by loud noise. Federal Aviation Administration said the fireball and the United States and Russia may be the collision of the satellite on the 10th.

This European Space Agency released a computer synthesized images show that about 12 000 running around the Earth in space debris

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ronald? Hevesi said that many residents of the 15th Texas called the report in the local sky to see a huge fireball. Most of these people came from North Dallas, the most south from Austin.

Federal Aviation Administration said that these fireballs could Iridium satellite company in the United States, “Iridium 33” commercial communications satellites and the Russian abandoned military communications satellite “Cosmos 2251” 10, resulting collision fragments. Austin, a television cameraman

15 reported marathon morning when photographed fireball video. Video Display, blue sky, a meteor-like large white ball of fire shining.

Local media reports, many residents reported that they saw the fireball or heard the rumble. Another resident said they heard a loud noise like an explosion, followed by tremor houses, windows buzzing sounds.

The U.S. National Weather Service said in a statement on the 13th in parts of Kentucky, also received similar reports later. Kentucky National Weather Service meteorologist Bryan Jackson Branch? She Temo said that such reports are rare air spectacle of the phone.

Skyline fireball Fireball appeared the day before, the FAA issued a notice to remind the pilot and crew safety, prevent re-entry of satellite debris.

Informed wrote: “flight crew attention, satellite debris re-entry may cause a potential threat to … … in order to ensure flight safety, all pilots and crew Once a satellite debris, should be immediately reported to the live position, altitude, time, and debris in the direction of. effective immediately, until further notice. “

Notice no mention of “Iridium 33” commercial communications satellites and Russia abandoned military communications satellite “Cosmos 2251” collision, it did not publish notice of the reason.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Hevesi said he was not clear whether this notice is responsible for monitoring from satellites and space debris in the Strategic Command, or other departments. “This is usually the law enforcement department or agency through our release.”

Authorities issued a warning Herwig said the FAA notified the relevant district police station, to draw debris immediately report found that local residents. He said that as the U.S. eastern time at 17:30 on the on the 15th (Beijing time at 6:30 on the 16th), Federal Aviation Administration has not yet received any feedback to find debris, do not report any information about the pilot.

In addition, the FAA did not receive any injuries or property damage were reported.
Texas, a police spokesman said police dispatched a helicopter to go look for debris, but without result and return.

The truth to be determined Hevesi said the debris is found before the FAA can not determine whether a fireball, “Iridium 33” and “Universe 2251” collision debris generated. They may also be other satellite debris or meteoroid.

U.S. Strategic Command spokesman Terry? Plame told the well-known aerospace professional site Space.com, they are still waiting for final confirmation. Plumb said: “We have not yet received the official report.”

NASA Johnson Space Center Orbital Debris expert Mark? Matt in an interview with Xinhua on the 15th that for the ground targets, the “star hit” not dangerous, because the debris will not enter the atmosphere, Even into the atmosphere, will be burned out.

By Lewis reporter Zhang Jing Step to reduce space debris can be divided to achieve
AP NASA Johnson Space Center Orbital Debris expert Mark? Matt in 15 that the reduction of space debris, to ensure space security, the United States, Russia and other big countries should contribute more.

Matt exclusive interview with Xinhua in the day, he said, even now stop launching satellites and other spacecraft, has been stranded in space debris on a spacecraft in orbit is also increasing security threats, and these fragments mostly from the United States, Russia and other powers caused. They launched many spacecraft, manufacture of debris in space is also much reduced now to bring the hidden dangers of these fragments, the United States, Russia and other countries, China should take more responsibility. He also pointed out that power should be technically or technical capabilities to help small countries with weak countries to ensure space security.

Materne said, to reduce space debris, to ensure space security goals can be achieved in two stages. The first phase of use of existing technology, from the most easy and cost the least to start, try the space debris does not increase or increased as little as possible; the second stage is to explore new technologies, such as the use of manned spacecraft induced or “capture” those who abandoned spacecraft, their transfer to other work does not pose a threat to spacecraft fields.

Matt stresses that no matter what stage, international coordination and Cooperation Are based. For example, he said, at this stage, the United States, Russia, to avoid large capital master Orbit technology, but because of high costs, this technology is currently only used in manned spacecraft in the future be extended to other spacecraft, so that they are in the “end” before the start Orbit technology is still work away from the other spacecraft.

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