Recently, the “Fortune” Chinese version issued “China’s 2008 Most Admired Companies” list, released 25 all-star companies, among them three consecutive years, Gome, and list of retail industry in China, won the first an honor, becoming the most admired in China

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The list is by the famous magazine “Fortune” Chinese and global management consulting firm Hay (co-benefits) jointly launched the Group has become a globally accepted assessment of the company’s reputation one of the most valuable tool. According to Hay (co-benefits) Group General Manager of Shenyang of China’s introduction, list of selection criteria mainly related to business “long-term investment value,” “innovation”, “status of products and services,” in nine areas. Among the most admired companies list of 25 companies in terms of enhancing the quality of business management, or business models to improve innovation are at the forefront.

Learned that Gome is the third among the “most admired companies in China,” all-star list, and crowned “most admired companies in China,” China’s top retail industry. This is a country the United States following the year the Group won the “Forbes 500 companies in Asia, 2008,” Business Week 2008, 50 companies in Asia, “brand China and China Spectrum Award”, “brand China Gold Spectrum Award” again after the two weights were level awards.

To industry experts, Gome consecutive winning the industry, investors and consumers to their development patterns, investment value and the continued positive operating capacity. Through continuous merger integration, countries the United States increased flow of Chinese home appliance industry concentration, speed up the Chinese home appliance chain industry in the development process, shortens the time a world-class brand to represent the overall strength of Chinese home appliance chain industry, an important sign of rising.

It is understood, Gome Group, China’s home appliance retail trade balance has the best network, its network covers the whole country, including Hong Kong and Macao, including more than 300 cities, has owned more than 1,300 stores, except now Tibet, the consumer can be very convenient shopping nearby in the country the United States. Country United States has become China’s largest home appliance chain, the most competitive enterprise.

Business model innovation in the country has been the industry benchmark for the United States, the United States in the solid state advantages of traditional home appliances business, the acceleration structure of 3C merchandise stores and Transition. Over the past year, the country the United States took the lead with Microsoft, Dell and other software manufacturers and hardware suppliers, in-depth cooperation, and specificity for the communications market in the United States set up national communications company, for professional operation and management of rapid growth for the China’s largest integrated platform of consumer electronics retail.

Continuous service innovation is the key to the country to attract consumers to the U.S. one of the reasons. In order to provide a full range of services to protect consumers, the country launched the United States in a creative way, “Cheng long protection”, “home security” and a series of service measures, not only will extend Returns to three packs of five times the national, but also expanded the scope of product warranty time and solve the concerns of consumers after electrical.

Semi-annual report from Gome, as at June 30, 2008, GOME Electrical Appliances (part of listed companies) and operating income of about 24.874 billion yuan, up by 17.57%, gross profit reached 2.375 billion yuan, up up 22.3%; operating profit of 1.272 billion yuan, up 42.28 percent, an integrated gross margin from last year’s 14.92% to 16.33% raise, raised 1.41 percentage points.

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