Chicago is not only having the hotel industry due to the growing business. But the Chicago is also one of that states which give the quality education. There many privately and the state owned universities which provide the education to the people so that they can start their carriers in the best field which they desired. Education is one of the necessary elements for any state to grow and make the importance in the world. Chicago is one of those states which gave their own significance in every field of the life. If any one is thinking about the personalities one cannot forget the importance of the Chicago or if one plane and want to make fun in the peaceful environment one cannot over look on the option of the Chicago. After all that now Chicago is making the passage in the field of the education.

Of the best universities of the Chicago is the “University of Chicago”. University of Chicago is giving education in much different kind of fields. It gives education of engineering and it also gives the education of the medical. The students which study are not only from the same state but number of student come from the other states and also from other courtiers. A big number of students come from the south Asian countries. The students are allowed to work but after first semester in the university. Even the Universities of Chicago give the opportunity to work in the campus and it gives the same amount of money which out side companies offers to the students.

The student life of the university is not only focusing on the study and only study but there are many other activities which are offered by the university time by time. The campus of the university is enough for the study to do the activities even if they want to range any kind of activities which need the space than university is big enough to hold such type of things with in the walls of the universities of the Chicago.

The cultural type of functions like Halloween and Christmas function are arranged over there in the campus so that the student which cannot go home on those event can enjoy equally like other which go back to the homes on the events. The former students of the University of the Chicago made the union which does the social task in the university.

University arrange the formal dinner for the old student of
the Chicago. Rather the university is privately owned but the operations of the university are running like the other state owned university. The former students of the university are funding the university to perform the task in the better way.
University is not just giving the education but also educating the people. Giving the education is some thing very different than educating the youth. The University of Chicago is the better place and package of the modern education and telling the youth about the culture.

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