Do you want to lower your rate? Then your search stops here as this write-up will explain what to do and show all you need to get the cheapest rates. I’ll share sure-fire tips for anyone to attract the best rate for their profile and requirements. Moreover, the tips I’ll give to you will NOT compel you to downgrade your coverage all because of attracting disconts. Here are the tips…

Quit drinking if you want to pay lower rates. Drinkers spend more on health insurance.

You well know that many diseases are made more likely by heavy drinking.

What quantity of alcohol is safe for you? I can’t really say as there are people who can drink a bottle and still be okay while some will take just half a glass and then go bersek.

But here’s what I am sure of: Quitting alcohol totally will do you a world of good. So you can reduce your rates (Apart from reducing the risk of developing certain diseases) by avoiding alcohol if you can or drinking in real moderation if you can’t.

The only problem is that those who say they cannot help drinking most often cannot drink in moderation. Seek help if you want to stop drinking alcohol. There are groups that help alcoholics quit drinking.

If you need the very best in health insurance then you’d have to shop extensively. You will start your shopping right if you start asking friends about their experiences with different companies.

You’ll be cutting through hype from people who simply want commissions to real user-experiences this way. A friend will quickly warn you if they got less than the best from an insurance company.

If you ask your friends and acquaintances you’ll make it less likely that you’ll buy from a bad insurer.

No-appointment ambulatory care centers or emergi-centers can also help you reduce your costs. This alternative is best if you find it a little difficult to pay for regular health insurance and also hardly see a doctor. These centers cost a lot less than an emergency room in a hospital.

Take advantage of free clinics if you intend to reduce your cost. You’ll either lower your premium directly or have fewer and reduced co-payments to make this way. These free clinics will take care of simple things like providing you with medical advice, blood pressure checks and much more. Some communities have such facilities and some may just be part of a group’s social responsibility program.

A healthy lifestyle will get you lower rates. If you can stop eating junk food you’ll pay less over time. Avoid cholesterol, fats and high carb from your diet and you’ll not only pay less but also be healthier.

You will as well help your health and rate by sticking to routine exercise.

A group plan is usually cheaper than an individual plan. So for those who have the privilege of using a group plan, it gives you the opportunity of paying lower rates than otherwise.. This becomes even truer if you’re obese, a smoker or older.

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