A child’s brain is geared up to learn. They absorb everything around them and soak up as much information as possible. It is in our younger years when learning is easiest. This means that teaching a child new subjects, new ideas and  new concepts is actually sometimes a lot easier than actually teaching an adult the same things. There are ways to improve the efficiency of the learning process. Research has shown that there are many ways in which teaching can be made easier and that levels of learning can be improved. Learning is often seen as improved if it can be seen that the child is absorbing the information quicker. Another sign would be that they are absorbing more information or simply grasping a better understanding of the whole subject. The quicker a subject is mastered, the quicker you can move on to new subjects.

 The results are easily seen when using classroom teaching resources. Something as simple as flash cards can help a child learn up to 50% faster than without. Having a visual aid helps a child, or indeed any person of any age, to make a stronger mental link with what they are learning.  They help to make links between words and phrases. They can even help with understanding emotions and ideas.

 There are certain subjects that really benefit from classroom resources. These include money, multiplication, number facts, number lines and place value. They can really help to speed up the entire learning process on a subject. They also increase the overall understanding of the subjects and concepts. They also liven up the learning activities which is a good thing.

 Using bright pictures and illustrations is also very effective.

Using classroom resources such as bright and bold pictures around the room and on playground walls can help to cement ideas and understandings into children’s minds. It helps children to enjoy the learning process a lot more. This means that children are more open to learning and listening and it will also help with engagement.

 For many years, teachers have used classroom resources to improve learning. As more and more research has proven the effectiveness of them they have become even more popular. They are essential to improving the art of learning. Children thrive in topics that are taught to them using a variety of methods. The methods should combine use of imagery as well as more traditional techniques. Work books, writing and repetition still all have their place in the classroom. However, classroom resources help to take learning to the next level. Some people get concerned that using classroom resources actually detracts from the real subject at hand.

This has been proven to be untrue. Learning is drastically sped up through the use of classroom resources. They also allow the child to engage more which leads to more enjoyment of the subject. It stands to reason that the more a child enjoys being in a classroom and the more that they enjoy a subject, the more they will be prepared to listen and put effort into learning. This is definitely great news for any child.

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