When it comes to making money, teens don’t have too many options these days. The only way a teen can earn some cash, is using online jobs designed for teens. Since teens generally lack life experience and work experience, most employers aren’t comfortable with hiring them, with the obvious exception of ultra simple low paying jobs (i.e busboy, cashier, fast food cook, etc.) So, where can an honest hardworking teen find a job that pays more than just minimum wage? Where can teens go to be taken seriously? Fortunately, the anonymity of the internet offers online jobs for teens with an even playing field.

There are dozens of ways teens can earn money online, some of the more popular ones include:

– Blogging on sites such as Blogger and Squidoo and advertising on your page.

– Creating your own website, and placing advertisements on your website.

– Filling out surveys and promotions through a survey company such as CashCrate or FusionCash, and getting per survey that you complete.

The first two methods will require a significant investment, in either time or money, or both. Getting your page or website large amounts of traffic will either take a lot of time, because you’ll need to rank well in the organic search results. It can also take a lot of money, because you’ll need to use PPC services such as AdSense or Overture to generate traffic to your website. I don’t recommend these methods, as they are very time consuming and often don’t produce results.

The best way for teens to earn money online, fast, without a huge investment in time or money, is filling out promotions and surveys through a GPT website.(GPT is an acronym that stands for Get Paid To ____. These services pay there users to complete surveys and promotions.) GPT websites pay there users for information. Company’s need to know what kinds of things there consumers like and dislike in order to make a successful advertising campaign, so these GPT services pass the information along to them. There acting as a middle man basically.

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