When I was younger, I won a Washington DC New Years writing contest for first and second grade elementary school students.  Each day, in class, our teacher had us write journals.  We were given topics like “What I did over the weekend”, “My favorite food”, and things like that.

One day, our topic was what we did to celebrate the new years holiday.  While most students wrote about staying up late to watch the ball drop or how their parents made them go to bed early, I wrote a fictional piece about how I went to washington dc new years eve.  I wrote that my parents and I drove to Washington on New Year’s Eve day, and we shared our memories about the past year on the trip there.  I wrote about how we collected a few souvenirs along the way to help us remember 2011, and how we collected souvenirs on the way home to symbolize what we wanted 2012 to bring.

In my Washington DC New Years story, I wrote that once my family and I finally got to the United States capitol, all we did before returning home was watch a fireworks show.  I said that my favorite part of the trip was sharing stories of the past as well as dreams of the future.  My parents bought me a journal on the way home to record my memories of 2012.

My teacher thought that my new year washington dc story was the best out of the whole class even if it was a made up story.  She submitted it into an early literacy writing contest, and my entry took second place!  I was so excited to get the ribbon!

To this day, I still keep a yearly diary of my favorite memories so that I have something to share with my parents between the end of one year and beginning of another.  Sometimes, we even dig out the Washington DC New Years journal that I bought on that trip at the beginning of 2012; we take turns reading the entries in that journal aloud and laughing and joking with each other.

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