There are many companies looking for employees to fill many job openings yet most do not know where and how to advertise their jobs so that they can reach out to a larger audience and get many quality resumes and CVs. Many organizations and companies are happy to settle for one advertising medium; namely newspaper and their choice of job portal. If these methods are working, its fine but do they know how much and what they are missing by sticking to just one medium of job advertisement?

Like buying a television or a particular product many would survey different places that offer the best rate and quality. Basically job seekers and professionals ‘career shop’. Therefore employers and recruiters must keep in mind that there are millions of job seekers and professionals hopping from one job portal and newspaper to another. And they have to do the same as well. Not many job seekers and professionals use the same services. Some go to recruitment agencies, some register and post their resumes with job portals and some actively seek for jobs in newspaper and company websites. By posting the same job postings to many different career/job portals whether they’re paid or free, it increases the number of views and resume submission. Therefore, employers and recruiters can get multiple times more quality resumes than if they stick to just one career/job portal.

Another effective way to advertise job openings is through word of mouth. If you are a small organization this is very easy. Announce to your employees about the job opening and soon they will be informing their friends,relatives and neighbours about the position. You never know who will be keen in your position. It could be your next ‘Employee of the year’. 

Advertising your jobs at local community centres and public places is great if you own a local business. There are many boards and notices where you can place jobs openings. People from all educational and professional background go to these public places.

So let’s recap:

1) Post your job openings in job portals

2) Post your job openings in major national newspapers

3) Announce your job openings and spread the news by word of mouth

4) Posy your job openings in community centres and public places with notices & boards 

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