The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has a maritime tropical climate. Located quite close to the equator, the weather in Kuala Lumpur remains fairly stable and does not experience much variation. It remains hot and humid almost most part of the year with very minimal fluctuations depending on the time of year.

Kuala Lumpur receives substantial rainfall across the year, and during this time the humidity increases even more. Due to the consistent weather, tourists visit here throughout the year and there is no particular season which is considered best to visit Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur hotels remain packed with visitors almost throughout the year.

Temperature in Kuala Lumpur ranges between 29° Celsius and 35° Celsius during the day and between 26° Celsius and 29° Celsius during night. However, it does get comparatively cooler after a shower, which occurs regularly. Bordered by the Titiwangsa Mountains in the east and Indonesia’s Sumatra Island in the west, Kuala Lumpur is relatively cooler than most places in Malaysia, and is comparatively less affected by monsoon winds coming from the east or west. The mornings in Kuala Lumpur are bright and sunny which last till the afternoons, while the evenings usually experience rain and occasional thunderstorms. Humidity is quite high and is usually around an average of 80 percent.

The monsoon season in Kuala Lumpur begins around September and continues through April, and is brought on by the southwest monsoon winds. The eastern monsoon gets stronger between the months of October to January, and the city experiences heavy rainfall with regular thunderstorms. Between the months of March to April, there is another monsoon that comes from the west and hits Kuala Lumpur directly, bringing in quite a bit of rainfall and high humidity. Following periods of heavy rainfall, the weather does get a little colder. On an average, Kuala Lumpur receives 2,266 mm of rain annually.

The months of May, June and July are considered to be the dry months and there is some respite from the rains. These months are characterized by sunny days and pleasant evenings. However, even the dry months receive an average rainfall of 125 mm per month, and the showers are accompanied by the occasional, short thunderstorms. These storms often have a calming effect on the weather and the temperatures drop making the weather pleasant.

There is no particular season which sees a substantial increase in the number of tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur. In fact, due to the fairly stable weather and moderate temperatures, the city is frequented by visitors almost throughout the year. There is some festivity or other happening here almost across the year which ensures that visitors have something interesting to look forward to. The hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer attractive hotels deals to attract tourists and ensure that hotels in Kuala Lumpur remain busy throughout the year.













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