Expert recommendations for the 2011 product year include continuing the ‘lean and mean’ models developed in 2009 and 2010 to ensure high-quality application development without the previously associated high costs. As mobile application platforms become even more ubiquitous, web application development teams must be ready to move as the recession loses strength. The following trends are specifically for those involved directly in application development. Sydney web application development teams have been exploring a number of application development trends, including:

1 Embracing their inner entrepreneur, which means modeling their targeted efforts and workload to meet the standards established by start-up companies across the globe. The start-up mentality leaves little room for missteps – especially for website application development – primarily due to low revenue streams and limited resources. Every line of code must be directly linked to an ability to create and retain revenue. This is a great first step for every individual working on and involved with web application development teams.

2 Choosing flexibility and price over platform loyalty, which means almost exactly what it says. While Java EE and .NET remain the most-used application development platforms, they are not the most flexibly or cost-effective. Apache Tomcat, Adobe Flex, Drupal, Google Web Toolkit, Joomla, and many more in the open source community help developers working to put out high-quality, highly reliable website application development products by placing real value on performance while hitting the wallet lightly. Platform loyalty is a thing of the past, folks.

3 Jumping into all the cloud has to offer, which means amping up the speed and availability of custom web application development, creating easily scalable products with a variety of entry points to choose from. Scalability means allowing customers to add more subscriptions when necessary and reduce the numbers as well.

4 Diving deeper into the talent pool, which means that businesses interested in hiring solid website application development skill sets need to look beyond the initial layers of talent and find employees that have a lot more to offer. Businesses need employees who can decipher problems, analyze the use cases around those problems and solve the customer’s needs, not just the immediate pain point. Any website application developer can slap together a quick solution, but understanding the customer’s needs and solving their problem is a much more useful skill.

5 Obsessing over how customers like the product, which means wowing the customers even more than ever with an excellent customer experience. Customers who like and use web application products are far more likely to recommend those prices and less likely to move to a competitor. Great website application development talent understands the business domain and puts their extensive technical skills to use in the right ways. Businesses looking for skills should look beyond the basic skills available to everyone in application development. Sydney web application development teams have creative solutions, write clean code, and know how to break down a problem so it can be solved in highly creative ways.

As businesses fit skills to purposes and look to alternatives outside the all-encompassing antique platforms, they are in a much better position to suit their own web application development needs and those of their customers.

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