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Title: Web Development

Web development is a complex term. It has broader presentation. It can be defined as the work that which goes into the making or the development of a web site. Website developmment is done solely for two purposes. It could be for internet purpose or it could also be for intranet purpose. This may seem to be very simple thing to understand but the fact is this is not. Everything connected to web development process is not that simple or as simple as some easy developmental processes. What should be taken into account here is that the web development has layers of meanings.

Website development for world wide web purpose is more common than the development of it for the private network.  It is seen that there are organisations who go for the website development for intranet purpose because they want to keep information available only to a particular group of people or its employees. Information moves from web address to other web address internally. But those organisations which are in business or doing business on an international platform have internet purpose in their mind during website development. They want to get noticed by millions of others out there on the other side of the globe.

Web development is not an easy process. It is a multi- layered  task. It is not just a man task. Web development process include sub processes such as web designing, web content writting, or web content development, client liaison, network security configuration or E-commmerce or ecommerce web development or many other small but useful web developmental fragments. Web development project can range from a simple to complex web based internet applications or other useful network services.

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