Unlicensed assistive personnel (also known as UAPs) do many jobs in the medical field, under the supervision of a nurse or doctor. Those that hold certificates often find jobs more easily, because the certificate shows that they are capable and trained in their field. One type of UAP is a certified nursing assistant.

CNAs are personnel that assist nurses with their various medical duties around a hospital or clinic. They may also provide more general care to patients with other needs, such as bathing and changing. Their duties depend largely on where they work, as CNAs in hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities and doctor’s offices do different jobs.

CNA training courses can be found through various medical organizations, and at many community colleges. The training period ranges from four weeks to up to a semester, but is generally around three months. In order to enroll in training, most schools require a high school certificate or GED, though some do not.

To pay for your course of study, consider financial aid through the school, or programs that pay for your education in return for a certain period of time working at a given location. Some people are even able to complete the CNA training for free if they offer to work at a hospital or clinic for a period of time after being trained and certified.

To take the exam for certification at the end of your course, the program must be accredited and acceptable to the exam board, so check before you enroll. If the school that offers the program isn’t accredited, you may be denied the right to take the exam, or be required to do additional work. Most schools are accredited, but it’s worth it to check.

The exam itself contains a theory and practice section, and is quite extensive. There are many practice materials available, however, and an opportunity to take it a second time if necessary. Most student will find that they are well-prepared by their course of study if they spend adequate time with the review materials.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great way to try out working in the medical field. If you later want to become a nurse or doctor, you can use your experience as a CNA to gain entry into these programs, and show that you are serious about your intent. The short time and minimal cost required to become a CNA allows people to give the medical profession a try without investing thousands of dollars or multiple years in the process.

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