If it is your first time to make a resume and have no idea where to start, chances are you will look for a sample resume with which you will pattern yours after. But you really should not just pick any random resume sample because you want to make sure that the sample you are going to take your cue from is the right one (or the most appropriate one). Here is what a good sample ought to look like, so take your resume cues from here and find one that matches it, too.


You will find many a resume sample in various websites all over the internet, and you may take a lot of time looking for the right sample resume of you go over them one by one. To narrow down the choices, it is often best to look for a sample resume that is along the lines of your career or area of expertise. Not all resumes are made equal, and within various industries and professions certain differences exist. This is merely to help you narrow down the choices, and even when you have done so you will find that you have some more weeding out to do still.


Now that you have a couple of these resume sample to look at, it is time to know which sample resume qualifies as an exemplary one. First, it has to have a section for your picture and your immediate details right on top (such as contact numbers, email and address). This is for easy referencing if ever the employer is interested in putting you in the shortlist. Second, you have to make sure that the sections are clearly marked with bigger fonts and in bold. This allows potential employers to skim over your resume and concentrate on the area they want to know.


When looking for a good sample resume, keep an eye out for bullets and short sentences to describe what the person has done for the company he has previously worked for.

A resume sample ought to be concise and straight to the point so whoever it reading it does not waste time and only views the important stuff. Some resume samples tend to go on and on about accomplishments only for employers to come to the conclusion that they really did not do much at all – so this is definitely something that you want to avoid copying at all costs in your resume.


These are the things you need to be aware of when you are out looking for a sample resume. There might be so many of those, but the resume sample that has these will most likely be a good one to pattern yours after. It need not be super wordy or surprisingly short – a balance has to be achieved somewhere that you end up making readers feel that they know what you are capable of doing and contributing to their company without overloading them with so much information. This is the mark of a really good sample resume – something worth copying.


In the market for a good sample resume ? There are so many out there, but only a really good resume sample will have very obvious strong points.

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