Had enough of those tiresome shifts and long commute time? Have you ever longed to add some variety and flexibility to your work? Then you might want to try becoming a VA or virtual office assistant. Basically, you’ll be working just as you do in your office cubicle, providing administrative, technical and creative services but with more control of your time and at the most comfortable corner of your home. If this sounds good to you, better sit back, read on and hopefully you may find your place in the VA world.

Now, aside from those fun things previously mentioned, why should you choose to work as a virtual office assistant? For one, clients are more than willing to hire one as they’d pay less than they usually would regular office workers. This is because they don’t have to concern themselves with your tax and benefits, and they don’t have to pay for essential things such as your equipment and office space. Also, every cent you earn goes to your pockets and the income potential is practically unlimited.

So what do VAs do then? As mentioned, they often provide administrative, technical and creative services. You can expect a variety of work if you take on administrative jobs. These are the kind of work people will often picture out when thinking of office jobs. Such includes secretarial work like making slideshows, letters, reports, legal documents and various other tasks that may or may not involve paperwork. Meanwhile creative jobs are recommended to those who have a flair for design and the arts. Graphic design and photography are just two examples of this. Finally, there are those technical services, the work of which is basically providing practical assistance according to your area of expertise.

A prominent one in this field is search engine optimization.

Working as a VA is not all fun and comfort however. For one, you have to provide for your own equipment and pay extra for utilities like phone and electricity. There’s also stress to worry about, especially if you end up working for multiple clients. The income can also be quite unstable in the first few months and the sheer number of competition can force you to lower your rates, which doesn’t really help at all.

There are a few things to remember to become a successful virtual office assistant. You’ll need to be determined to help your client reach his/her goals, honest, organized, cooperative when in a team, knowledgeable on basic business operations, able to take good care of your customers, and able to communicate well. Do you think you have what it takes?

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