Accelerated nursing schools are institutions that provide you, the student, with a fast way in which to enter the nursing field. The demand for nurses is on the rise and as such, various medical institutions are greatly in need of nurses. Thus, colleges and universities all across the United States have created programs that provide students with all the knowledge and education experience they need to become a nurse, in a shorter amount of time.

You can find these programs in 43 out of 50 states, as well as in Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. As a result of limited program space, the qualifications that you need in order to enroll in the program are strongly enforced; additionally, the program’s curriculum is packed with challenging course work as it was designed to ensure that quality nurses are trained to enter the field. These programs also ensure that they train nurses who are not only proficient in the theoretical aspect of the nursing field, but also the practical aspect.

Some accelerated nursing schools enroll only those students who have already obtained a degree in another field of study, while other programs only ask that students have already completed courses in biology or any other science subject.

These subjects are inclusive of:
Anatomy and Physiology
Human growth and development
Chemistry and statistics

Please note that the requirements for the application process of these programs vary from institution to institution.

Accelerated nursing schools focus on educating their students about the foundational facts of nursing. This would include teaching them about pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, biology and health care essentials. At the same time that students learn the fundamentals of nursing, they will also be able to get experience by working in real-life situations.

Working at medical centers and hospitals gives students the opportunity to relate to actual doctors and patients. Therefore, before you decide to enroll in any of the accelerated nursing programs you should consider that due to the fact that the program is condensed to fit an eleven to fifteen months timeframe, the workload would be more than that of a regular nursing program. You also need to bear in mind that you will not be able to work and that you will not be able to receive semester breaks like regular programs. All your time and energy has to be dedicated to the completion of the program within the specified time span.

Accelerated nursing schools are a great advantage for students as well as patients. This also fulfills the need that has arisen for more nurses. In addition to this, students who complete the program will be able to find a job and start earning within 2 years and start experiencing the joys of having a rewarding career.

There is however a great deal more to consider when contemplating joining one of the accelerated nursing schools. Drop in at for all the latest information.

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