A nurse practictioner and a physician share many features in common. These people are registered skillful nurses who have received significant schooling in a graduate program in advanced nursing practices. They mainly aim to stimulate healthy lifestyles in order to keep people from illnesses. Their tendency is to provide care in areas where there is a scarity of physicians.


These practitioners will treat and diagnose a variety of ailments. They will see everything from minor health issues to more chronic problems. They are authorized to order laboratory tests, prescribe various treatments or prescribe medications. In some places, they are the main source of medical care. This job can be in a hospital, but most usually work provide care in a clinic. They can hold community clinics in schools, shelters and other places. Wherever they work, they have been found to provide high quality care that is very cost-effective.


If you are interested in being a practitioner, then you need to have a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing. You will also need time working as a registered nurse. It will take about two years to complete a graduate program to become a nurse practitioner. The study requires clinical and nursing coursework. This means you will have to learn how to perform physical examinations, provide a diagnosis and treatments. Then you will experience hands-on education similar to residency with another nurse practitioner or another physician in a health care facility or clinic.


A nursing practitioner job varies, but sometimes it depends on the area of study you focus in. Some nurses specialize and become a family practitioner, while others become an adult practitioner.

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