Being a roofer means you are responsible for a lot more than replacing a few missing tiles. A roofer is responsible for a lot more including guttering and some even extend their services to windows.

Here we examine a few tips set down by roofers to help maintain your roof and gutters from expensive repairs.


Any roofer will tell you that cleaning your gutter is the probably the best way to maintain the lifecycle of your guttering and prevent water damage.  However, most people do not realise that they can take care of the maintenance themselves.  In fact most homeowners already have all the necessary tools to maintain their guttering. The most obvious tool is a ladder. Be careful not to damage your guttering by placing the ladder against the guttering and it always advisable to get someone to hold the base of the ladder. If you don’t have any one to hold the ladder another good tip is to place sandbags at the bottom of the ladder.  Roofers would also tell you to be very careful  when cleaning out the guttering. You will need some sort of scraping tool, rubber gloves and a garden house. The rubber gloves will help protect your hands, however remember there maybe sharp edges such as protruding screws or nails. First of all scoop out the guttering with your tool, it is also advisable to have refuse sack to place the debris in. Once you have cleared the guttering it is then a good idea to run the hose to make sure there are no leaks in the flow.

Roofing Leaks

Fixing roofing leaks is not an easy job even for a trained roofer. Perhaps the most difficult task is locating the source of the leak. Depending on the type of roof you have depends on how easy it is to locate the leak. Shingle roofs are perhaps the easiest roofs to repair. The most common problem with shingles Is curling back. This is easily cured by either asphalt roof cement or compound in tubes for use with a caulking gun.  However, if you are having problems in winter the shingles may become brittle and hard and will need softening prior to treatment. The edges of the shingle will need to heated with a propane torch which should be applied until the shingle is soft enough to be reshaped but hot enough to catch fire. Call a professional roofer if you are unsure.

Sometimes a shingle will need to be completely replaced and cannot be repaired. Broken, torn or rotten shingles will need completely repairing and if this is over a big area it is advisable to consult a professional roofer to carry out the job.

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