Having your website designed website is one thing, making the design a reality is another. In order to take it from the design phase to the finished end product, you are going to need a web developer. Unlike a designer, the developer will not be concerned with the aesthetic elements of the design. He/ she will concentrate on the programming and protocols required to make your design ideas work. He/ she will also apply his/ her knowledge of web development to create customized tools for your website that will enhance the website’s functionality and the user’s experience.

Knowing what to expect from your web developer seems confusing for a lot of people because physically coding websites is a job for a highly trained person. In reality, it is quite simple – you expect the same treatment that you would from any other service provider. You need a highly skilled; professional that is able to create your website through the use of cutting edge tools and the most appropriate programming language.

Your website should look the way you want it to and work the way you want it to. Should the developer be unable to complete the project in time or to your specifications, you have a right to expect him/ her to tell you upfront. In addition, your web developer should deliver what he/ she does promise to do on time. If there is some sort of problem or delay, he/ she should contact you timeously and explain how it will be rectified. You can also expect the web developer to correct any bugs in the website as they crop up. 

In order to ensure that your web developer is highly skilled, ensure that they are able to deliver the following:

1) An understanding of the basics of web design and the jargon used by designers.

2) The ability to several different programming languages or the ability to team up with others to pool resources.

3) They must be able to code and implement customised items for your website.

4) Experience in API integration and Front End Scripting.

5) The technical skills to add enhancements to your website such as forums, blogs and Google maps.

Consider your web developer as an integral part of your team in business and expect the same high level of performance you would from a business partner. Do not accept shoddy workmanship or poor service delivery and, above all, remember that this is a service that you are paying for. 

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