A relatively new field of expertise is forensic nursing, which is a combination of the traditional nursing care and the various aspects of law enforcement. The forensic nursing jobs that are in demand today include the treatment of the crime victims together with scientific crime scene work. Nurses who specialize in forensic sciences may work in clinical settings or out in the field. One thing that they also do is to help patients both physically and emotionally as they protect their rights. One important job of a forensic nurse is to collect and preserve evidence. Many of these jobs will have encounters with sexual assaulted victims and examine them as physical evidence is gathered for these sensitive cases.


Forensic nursing that also offers advanced training would be required of qualified registered nurses for several types of forensic nursing jobs. General set up of forensic nursing programs are plotted in programs that would run for two years that award a Master of Science in Nursing. Categories of forensic nursing are the following: Gerontology – focuses on the investigation of abuse of the elderly and the neglect of senior citizens; Sexual Assault – two specialties in this area are SANE-A, which is Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Adults and Adolescents, and SANE-P, which means Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Pediatrics. These two specialties would need to be updated periodically.


Investigative Nurse/Coroner, on the other hand, includes gathering medical information about the deceased and also researching on the social history of the victim to assist the investigation of the coroner. Another forensic nursing job is that of a Psychiatric forensic nurse, which includes caring for patients who have committed crimes and also have been victims of the crime as well. Those who work in the Correctional Facilities include the care of the inmates and the collection of evidence as needed. The demand for forensic nurses has not yet reached its full potential as this is still a relatively new field and its expansion is still something that everybody is waiting for. Movies and television actually help in propagating the news about this important career to the masses so, hopefully, their awareness would add to the voices who are pursuing the boom of forensic science.

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