The use of fire suppression methods in business usually equates to you either having a thriving business today at 5:00 P.M., and you being completely out of business by 5:05 P.M. When a fire attacks, there is little mercy. Where there is oxygen, the fire has food to live on and where there is food for a fire to live on, nothing is safe. Business critical documents, computer equipment and just about every company asset are in danger of being irrecoverable and lost for good.

Homes can benefit from them as well, but this is why fire suppression systems are typically used in businesses. When it comes to business, your must remain in business. Your employees rely on it, you rely on it and your customers rely on it. When a business folds, it usually means a lot more than just having to refurbish the kitchen. It usually means many people have lost their jobs, business relationships are broken and new paths in life must be found for all that were involved, and that includes you.

There is really no industry that does not benefit from fire suppression systems. From computer data centres to restaurants, to hotels to product manufacturing plants, even  small individual offices are in dire need of such heat suffocation systems. Though you may have only one computer in your small office, that one computer usually means big problems should you ever lose it, but with the proper fire suppression systems in place, you can always be away from your business with an assured security that fire will not destroy all that you rely on.

Fire suppression systems work by automatically detecting fires that have ignited.

Different fire suppression systems do it through various means, but they all have the primary job of spotting fires and deploying the appropriate chemical substances (or elements such as carbon dioxide) as needed. Unlike the days of old when only water sprinkler systems were only put in place, today with the popular use of electronics in the workplace, much more than water is needed if your going to save your valuables. Water will kill a computer almost faster than the fire you’re using it against. Because of this, companies such as Dupont have come up with substances such as FM200 that use chemicals such as heptafluoropropane in order to dowse the fiery flames that will otherwise devour your assets in minutes.

The selection of an experienced fire suppression system integrator is crucial. You only get one chance to get the installation right. After that, if a fire attacks and the system is faulty, so much for what could have been saved.

When looking for a fire suppression system integrator you want one that is thoroughly knowledgeable on design methodology and that has experience using the various forms of fire suppression equipment. Ask them questions about the install they plan to do on your building and what they envision happening if a fire were to break out in various rooms. Make sure that the company is able to run integrity tests on their installations to make sure they are perfectly active, and make sure that they have some form of maintenance plan that periodically comes in and checks out the functionality of the system from time to time. Last, and most important, make sure you can contact them fairly easily. Customer support is a must when it comes to mission critical services, and your fire suppression system is certainly one of them.

Fire Suppression Systems

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