Nursing care in the home involves a variety of services, such as medication administering and planning, blood work, physical assessments and wound care. A skilled nurse who visits the home will give progress reports to the patient’s doctor. However, this job is only available to registered or licensed nurses.

It is not uncommon for the registered nurse to bring along a certified nursing assistant to help with examinations. The duties can vary for the aides and depends on the patient. They can help with restroom assistance, bathing, physical therapy and helping with movement. Some aides even perform light household chores like meal preparation, yard work and laundry. Some aides also provide companion services for the mentally impaired and elderly patients as well.

Patients who are dealing with injuries and physical ailments are candidates for physical therapy. Skilled nurses come to the household and help the patient with therapeutic exercises. These exercises help with increasing movement, strength, circulation and flexibility. The training can also help with balance and learning to walk. Speech therapy is another service provided at the residence by Medicare skilled nursing facilities and other health care organizations.

Many families are concern about the cost of the services. However, the majority of the programs are covered by Medicare. Healthcare in the home can be more affordable than an overnight stay in the hospital. Medicare coverage includes housework, personal shopping, in-resident medical assistance and meal delivery. It helps to check with your coverage provider before having someone to come out to the home.

Most patients can qualify for the assistance after receiving approval from a physician. The physician also has to prepare an effective healthcare plan for recuperating. The patient must have a condition that will affect their health mentally or physically when leaving the nursing home or residential treatment center. The doctor’s healthcare plan should state this information and that regular care is needed from a skilled nurse. The assistance has to be from a Medicare-approved facility in order to receive coverage through the program.

Patients who go through resident healthcare program have rights. The medical provider is required to provide a written copy of the patient rights. The rights should include having the choice of selecting a health agency as long as it is covered by your healthcare plan. Another right is having a family member presence or appointing a family member as a guardian for emergency situations.

Patients can request a copy of their rehabilitation plan and can ask questions. The rights even extend to personal property and the person’s body be treated with respect. If there are any problems with the in home care, the complaint process should also be clearly identified.

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