The power of attorney is the power you have vested upon another person who will act as your agent and execute according to your will as stated in the deed. If you have estate or great value of assets and property it is wise to retain a person to act on your behalf after your death. Health care POA becomes a must for all of us nowadays. The agent of health care power will execute the decision made by you on your behalf after obtaining concurrence from the doctor that you have become mentally ill.

Many of us still don’t know where you should obtain the forms of POA. You can get one from your attorney. If you don’t have an attorney you can get the form from banks and other financial institutions. Most of the banks and financial agencies would retain some agents for acting as power holder on your behalf. However the powers of such agents are limited to only in particular bank.

You can get forms from the nearest hospital. You can visit your doctor he would help you to get the form. The clinic or a hospital will have health care power of attorney forms available with them. This will be useful only in the circumstances when you become mentally ill or incapable.

You can download the durable forms or health care forms from internet. Number of websites provides you the forms free of cost. It is necessary to choose the right form of your state, since different states have different set of forms and rules for creating a document. You can make a request to the Church for supplying a form of Power of attorney.

Another easy way to find a form is to buy it from the office store nearby. Most of the stores have such forms and many other legal forms.

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