Nursing is one of the most secure jobs that you can find today. The field of health-care is pregnant with employment opportunities, as no matter what happens, people get sick and want medical attention. If you want to take up nursing as a career, then you can start of by becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse or commonly known as LVN. A LVN program takes less than two years and you can enter into the professional fold right after completing it. Here are a few reasons which show that becoming a LVN is a good career option for you.

. Good Salaries

Nurses are paid good salaries. If you are a LVN, you may not be paid as much as a registered nurse (RN), but still be paid a good enough amount to ensure you never go broke. As a LVN, you can make above $ 30,000 a year. With more experience and time spent in the field, that figure will only go up. You can have a comfortable life with such a well-paid job.

. Less Stress

Since you will be at the most basic level of nursing as a LVN, you will not be handed critical cases, where there is almost no margin for error. This would mean that there would be less pressure on you and you will be relatively stress-free.

. Better Future Prospects

Once you are qualified as a LVN and working, you can gain further qualifications. Most nurses opt to become a registered nurse after becoming a LVN, as they can work full-time and gain experience at the same time while earning their degree.

You can have better career prospects for the future.

. Less Time to Earn Qualification

While you have to spend four years to become a registered nurse, you can become a LVN in less than two years. Some programs even enable you to become a LVN in less than a year. Less time to study means that you have to pay less. The quickly you get in to your professional life; the better it is for you. If you want to be working quickly, without having to spend years and years, then becoming a LVN is the best option for you.

. Job Opportunities

Hospitals look to hire more LVNs, as they are paid less than registered or associate nurses. This means that if you are a LVN, you will always be in demand.

Become a LVN and take your first step into a successful career!

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