In the wolf’s body, we found that something human needs. As the British zoologist Iris said, in all mammals, the most emotional animal is the wolf, the most ductile is the wolf, the most accomplished is still the wolf. The wolf represents a spirit and an philosophy.

l comply with a wolf, wolf has its own philosophy. So learn it you will benefit a lot. You will learn how to make your career more successful.

1, Revival

Wolf is not going to protect the so called dignity when it is weak and it will never attack their own stuff than their powerful.

2, Concerted efforts

Wolf must be confronted if they have to face the big thing, they will certainly come together and cooperate with each other.

3, Self-knowledge

Wolf also want to be the king of beasts, but he knew that he was not a tiger.

4, Boats sailing downstream

The wolf knows how to use the smallest cost in exchange for the greatest return.

5, Do not dump others

Although wolves are usually active alone, the unity of the wolf is indeed most among other animals. You can never find a wolf escaped away when its company is injured.

6, Fair

Wolf also want to be a kind and nice animal, but he knows that the wolf’s stomach can only digest meat, so the wolf could do nothing but eat clean every game. But some other animals think they are good animals while they are always doing some bad things in the winery.

7, Know their enemies well as themselves

Wolf respects their opponents. The wolf will know their players before the attack, they never despise opponents, so there are very few mistakes in the wolf attack life.

8, Wolf also has love

During the female wolf pregnant, the male wolf will always protect it until their baby become independent. It is unlike some animals which self-proclaimed that they have love but live a debauchery life when his wife was pregnant.

9, Good parenting

Wolf will leave their baby without hesitation when they are independent, because the wolf know, and if not been a wolf they will be the sheep.

10, Freedom

Wolf is not going to handout at the expense of the dignity of the end of the master Akira shook his head. Because the wolf know that must not be arrogant, but not without her side, so the wolf sometimes humming alone.

That is the wolf, you will be touched by it if you deeply know it. I think that most people have misunderstandings about it, so I hope you can change your ideas and have a new view at it then you will find a lot.

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