It is important when a mom is pregnant is to get help to provide for her children. A best example of getting help for a mother who is pregnant or already given birth is to receive such help as food. There is a program called WIC, which stands for Women, Infant and Children. It is a program to help mothers needing special supplemental nutrition to give their children the extra nutrition they need to live and thrive. WIC provides food for women, infants and children up to age five that are risk of low nutrition. The food that will be given are very nutrious and will provide enough nutrition to help their children.

How to apply for Government help
To apply for Government financial help starts by taking the first step and stopping by your local Government Agency. It is important to know that although the program is to help women, infant and children it may differ from State to State since it is administered by territory. After, you after located your local Government Health Department, you will be scheduled for an appointment. To qualify for WIC, you must be low income, resisdental, and nutrition risk. The length of receiving WIC is short-term, and will have to be reapply every 6 months to a year. WIC must be applied as soon as possible as there are a waiting list since local Government Health Department may not have enough funds to serve all mothers that apply. Basically, it is first come first serve.

Women, Infant, and Children food list

* Milk
* Soy milk
* Cheese
* Eggs
* Infant formula
* Infant Cereal
* Peanut butter
* Dried Peas or Beans
* Canned Beans
* Juice – 100% fruit juice
* Cereals (Most brand and variaties are listed)
* Fresh fruits and vegetables
* Frozen vegetables
* Canned vegetables
* Canned tomatoes products
* Canned fruits
* Frozen apple
* Frozen Grapefruit
* Frozen Mixed Blend
* Frozen Orange
* Frozen Pineapple
* Whole Grain bread
* Tortillas
* Brown Rice
* Tofu
* Baby food- Fruits and Vegetables

For breastfeeding women only:

* Tuna
* Sardines
* Pink Salmon
* Bread

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