Basically a CV (curriculum vitae) is a wide ranging summary of you. There is a mixture of details in it. It helps the person who is hiring you for a job. Sending a CV to anybody one has a comprehensive report or details about your individuality even you are present physically there. It can be seen as an application which should describe the key package of your identity.
The question arises that from where to start writing a CV? It starts from your university along with the grades you got in high school, graduation and post graduation, finally leading towards the professional qualification. Proceeding to the variety of jobs with a reference from old employers. Finally your phone number an email address and any further details will come at the end.
Writing a resume some of the very important key features must be kept in mind for example keep the details about your past experience must be written in simple. Always try to highlight the achievements during your job as an italic or bold form of the fonts, because it would better describe the characteristics of your personality.
The value added characteristics will make your resume a complete professional looking and attractive. SWOT approach is a key to present resume healthy enough to be noticed. An emphasis on the organizational skills and team spirit will add strength to your resume. When writing a resume remember to identify only those things which are closely relevant to the nature of the job you are going to apply. Your resume must not be so long enough because it would not be noticed at all. The maximum length should not be longer than two pages at all.

Tailoring your resume each time when applying for a different job makes your resume more relevant and successful one than a generic resume. Some people show them that they are suitable for this job which is not the only thing but you will have to change your resume each time you apply for a job. You have to express yourself that you are the right person for this job.

As the structure of resume varies each time according to the nature of the job. Normally your resume starts in a reverse order having the last job description or current job should be on the top of the list.
Here is a sample of a resume describing the order of the contents provided which would be very helpful to you:

1.Current job details (because it will grab the attention instantly)
2.Educational background (high school, graduation and post graduation along with grades you got)
3.Training history.
4.Yours skills and abilities.
5.Career Objectives (Which is normally optional)
6.Interest (Optional)
7.References ( List the people who are agree to talk about your good repute to new employers)

When you are done and have written the resume please do remember to check following:

Proof reading: Make sure that your resume is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.
Tailoring: Make necessary changes in your resume according to the job.
Presentation: Make sure that your resume is in a very simple form. Paper used is good one, font is standard font etc.
Details: Clearly define the achievements and skills to handle the problems.

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