When you are writing a business plan for the first time it is helpful to start with a template. A good business plan template will be laid out with all the sections that are important and guide you through the steps you need to follow to end up with an effective business plan. While some of the sections required will vary somewhat depending on the type of business you have, most sections and topics that you need to discuss are common to all business plans.

There are a number of topics that you will need to cover in your business plan, however a good general outline is as follows:
Executive Summary – one to two pages that summarizes your entire plan
The Business – In the section describe the business, the products and services and business strategy
The Market – Outline the market and competitors
The Market Strategy – Discuss your sales and marketing plans
The Operations Plan – Describe the management, and how the business will be staffed and operated
The Financial Plan – Show the startup costs, the financial forecasts, and cash flow

A business plan template will have a number of sub sections.For instance if you have a retail operation, the marketing strategy will need to include a section on the retail location. For a manufacturing business, the location of the business will be in the operations plan.

Next, you will find it helpful to use proper Business Plan Software to develop your plan. These programs provide a system for developing the financial forecasts, as well as a method for developing the written portion of your document.

There are large number of free business plan softwares in the market .There are few with rich set of features and capabilities like Businessplangeneartor.We recommend your evaluate and use Free Business Plan Software

Using a template is definetly a smarter and faster way to build a business plan . Using the template you will get ready to refer template to expand and reference sections to include to build a business plan

While presenting your business idea , you would also need to ensure all the significant points are not just shared but presented in well organized manner . Using pre build templates helps you achieve this.


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