Your cigar business plan is a detailed description that defines your cigar business with its objectives and shows how those objectives should be achieved.

With no a cigar business plan it is not likely that possible “angel investors” and the like will invest in your cigar business if that is what you require to start it up or if you need to take it up another level

The business plan should be modified for the prospective lender or the investor. The content of the business plan should exhibit the potential interests of the lender and encourage support for your cigar business venture.

Your business plan is not just for getting you the investment you need – it’s main objective should be to point the course in which your cigar business is heading.

You must keep your backer’s attention by making the detailed description as reader friendly as possible. Use simple, direct language and graphics to illustrate your points. Make sure your wording reflects the upbeat approach of the management team. In spite of this, it is advisable to be realistic when presenting fiscal predictions.

You must cover the businesses strengths as well as potential weaknesses and explain how you plan to overcome weaknesses. Reveal you appreciate the risks concerned and put forward potential solutions for overcoming these risks and supply evidence to support your statements. This will add credibility to the cigar business plan.

Lay out your business plan in a coherent way with clear and precise headings – do not be frightened to waste paper – start new headings on a clean fresh piece of paper – it will make the document look more convincing and make it easy to find stuff for your financier.

Economic projections will be shown between the main body of the business plan and the appendices.

P&L statements, Balance Sheets, Cash-flow forecasts etc. should be given in a separate section of schedules. This will ensure completeness without destroying the flow of the words.

If your business is a new venture then give background information as to why you intend to start it. Affirm the considerable advantages of your product or service. Point to would-be markets and give details of your pricing policy and advertising strategies. Identify the competition and outline your proposals for dealing with it. Be positive and quick to the point.

Stress the experience and awards of you and your management team and show how their skills can be harnessed to attain growth potential and profitability. Offer information on employment necessities including Curriculum vitaes for senior management in the Appendices and, if applicable, an organisation chart to illustrate the management construction.

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