Recently, the largest Home Enterprise??? All official launch of Friends of furniture, “51 Shopping Carnival,” the whole furniture of Friends Sell Ltd. Marketing Director Wu Tao told reporters yesterday, all friendly furniture this year’s “51 Shopping Carnival,” the first time in the home industry advocates carbon homes, low-carbon life “we catch up with the trend of low-carbon life, launched a series of low carbon Environmental protection New Product Design, which attracted buyers eye. “

Wu Tao told reporters, as the industry benchmark of sales, all Friends of the furniture more than 2,000 stores nationwide linkage, since the carnival started in early April, come to the consultation and to buy Furniture Consumers had flocked to the market sales continued popularity.

Promotion is done skillfully, as is done early

According to reports, all Friends of the furniture 51 promotional trip to open the “Morning”, on April 10 start, and many consumers have the 51 Furniture Consumption in advance, to avoid buying too much peak as orders, resulting orders, delivery and other troubles waiting.

Reporter learned that all Friends of the furniture sales leader for four consecutive years in the country, beginning in 2010, all Friends of the release, “Five-Year Plan”, a high-profile announcement to enter the home of world-class enterprise. “In the 50-odd days ’51 shopping carnival’ period, all Friends of the furniture in the Mother’s Day, Earth Day, wedding day, move on, and other special nodes are not the same as ‘being presented’.” Wu Tao said that domestic industry to develop, it should follow the trend of the times, concerned about the hot social topics, all Friends of the furniture in the furniture industry’s first release, “China’s low-carbon environment written proposal,” as long as the store into the Friends of the undersigned, all signed to join the ranks of practicing the low-carbon environment, there is fine Gift Presented.

Household consumption of low-carbon environment

wind blowing Reporter was informed that all Friends of the furniture the “51 Shopping Carnival,” breaking up the practice of dumping low-priced furniture market, with “happiness” as the main line, re-introduction of four “Happy Sheng Hui.” According to Wu Tao introduction, all Friends of the furniture more than 2,000 stores, have one week to two ex-gratia products to an unprecedented margin of preference to “grab” purchase, but the store and then enjoy discounted cash discount the audience, but also to Other on-site promotions, such as giving “happy little gift” and a lucky draw.

Wu Tao said that in order to promote this event, all five major categories of Friends of furniture to provide more than 30 series, more than 2,000 styles of products. By Germany, Italy, automatic production line, with more than 200 multinational design team.

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