One of the keys to being recruited by college coaches is to have an athletic high school resume. Having a great resume that highlights your high school athletic accomplishments is really the first step in the process of getting the attention of a coach and getting some response back from him or her.

The problem with many athletic high school resumes is the same problem that may job application resumes have, they never get read. They can easily end up sitting on the coach’s desk and serving as a coaster for his or her coffee cup. Obviously, if you go to the trouble of creating a resume and getting it to a coach, you don’t want it to end up being a coaster or paper airplane material.

To make sure your athletic high school resume gets read, here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep your resume to one page

Keeping your resume to one page will help ensure it gets read. If a coach gets a resume that is several pages long, he or she will most likely put it to the side to read later. The problem is, later will probably never come.

2. Don’t get fancy

You are not trying to win a prettiest resume contest. You simply want a resume with black print on a white sheet of paper. Fancy graphics or colors won’t help you.

3. Include key information

Make sure you include the vital information a coach in your particular sport would want to know about you.
Pitching speed, 40 yard dash, batting average, etc.

4. Clear contact information

Make sure your contact information and your coaches contact information is included on your athletic high school resume and the information is easy to find.

5. Include a cover letter

Just like with a job resume, you want to include a nice cover letter that introduces you to the coach and peaks his or her interest in reading your resume.

If you are serious about playing in college, putting together a powerful athletic high school resume is the first and probably most significant step in the process. If you can put together a powerful resume, you are on the path to effectively marketing and promoting yourself to college coaches.

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