Your daughter is starting her senior year. We prepare for this, we break out the Kleenex, we try and rationalize with ourselves that it’s just another year of high school… and then the day comes. You’re excited. Scared. Nervous. Sad. Full of all kinds of emotions and not sure which one to feel. It’s ok to feel these emotions and is perfectly normal as all mom feel this way when their “baby girl” becomes a senior in high school. Granted there may be a few that are saying… “Whoo Hoo”, but seriously couldn’t really mean it in their heart. We’re not sure how they got to this stage so fast because it seemed when they were younger time stood still and now… we can’t stop or even slow it down.

I have been through this three times, with three of my daughters and keep thinking I’m getting better at keeping my emotions under control… but as one more hits their senior year it does get harder to keep my emotions in check.

It’s really a time a mom starts reflecting back to younger years, you look at pictures and it brings tears to your eyes, you watch them walk out the door and can vision them still skipping down the steps with their pig-tails bouncing up and down and their wearing the clothes YOU picked out. How do we, as moms, deal with this and “let go” I want to say we don’t but we have to in order to move forward and live a happy and meaningful life and to stay sane for the sake of our daughter who will really need us this year. When I say “Letting Go” I don’t mean it literally but mean it in the sense of letting go of a chapter in your life and be ready and willing to let it close and be excited and happy for another new chapter…a new journey to begin.

This article is about ways you can deviate the sadness you feel inside and try to lift the brick off your chest when your daughter starts her senior year.

1. Don’t walk her to the door the first day ( pretend its just another school day)
2. After she leaves don’t walk around the house looking for old photos this will put you in a sad mood the rest of the day.
3. Think about what you will do the rest of the day…the rest of the week…plan it and keep your mind busy in a positive and productive way.
4. Call a friend and make a lunch date or a trip to the mall (don’t talk about your daughter starting her senior year)
5. Work on a project, possibly one you have been putting off for years or start that business you have been thinking about starting…just do it!
6. If you cannot remove the thoughts of your daughter being one step closer to moving away, then think happy thoughts…how successful she will be, how much of an abundant life
7. Think about the quiet and peaceful time you will have with your husband, you spent your years raising your daughter/s and so much time and love goes into parenting that we forget once they leave home we start a “new life” of our own…what will you do? Where will you go? What sacrifices have you made over the years for your daughter that now you can accomplish or visit?
8. Focus your attention on another one of your younger children
9. Do something for yourself…go to the gym, join a class, go buy yourself some new make-up, go to the spa, or go see a movie…just do something fun and nice for yourself.
10. Call your mom just to chit chat, ask her how she dealt with the anxiety of you or a sibling starting their senior year

The above tips are only a handful and really there are many things you can do to make this transition a better one, a happier one and a stress free one.

As moms we ALL go through the feelings I am talking about, its natural and your not alone. It hurts but I promise you it will get better and usually time is the major factor in us getting over this hump.

If all else fails and you continue to struggle with sadness and the anxiety of your daughter being a senior now…just remember that as every door closes and another chapter in your life is about to be over another door and a new chapter will begin. Hang in there, be there for your daughter and don’t let her see or sense your heavy heart… this in itself is a difficult task. You need to be there for her this year with a focused and uncluttered mind. Smile and be happy… it will get better!

About the author: Wendi McNeill is a wife to an amazing husband and mother of 4 daughters (no sons), founder of Moms Coaching Cafe: Raising Teen Daughters, founder of Charli Jane Speaker Services, author, workshop leader, business and parenting coach. What’s your most challenging question in raising your daughter? Ask Wendi

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