What is Nurse Anesthetist? It can be said that it is an important staff in the surgical team. The nurse usually works under the command of surgeon, dentist, and anesthesiologist. There is a special training you should take before you can fulfill the profession above. The definition of the term itself is the nurse has specially trained and registered to administer anesthetics for the patients who are under the dental, medical, and obstetrical procedures.

The Nurse Anesthetist has some duties like preparing the supplies and equipment ready for the procedures, ensuring the blood supply for emergency case is available for the patient, and interpreting pre-surgical test to see the effect of anesthetic in the patients. It also has other jobs like to insert artificial airways, to control the oxygen, and to prevent surgical shock.

According to its job, the main job place of the Nurse Anesthetist is the operating room in the hospital. However, there is a possibility that they can work in other hospital field such as emergency rooms, dental section, gynecology (birth section, plastic surgery section, etc).

If you want to be the nurse stated above, you should prepare yourself since your high school. It is better for you to have the course in following field: Biology, Psychology, algebra, Food and Nutrition, Physical education, English, Foreign languages, computer skills, Geometry, Sociology, and Physics.

After you finish your high school education, there are some things you should do before becoming the said nurse. You should get a B.S. in nursing. You also need to be a licensed registered nurse and you must experience at least one year in critical care nursing experience.

The education program for the job profession last for 24 until 36 months.

You should graduate level course in anatomy, chemistry, physiology, and pharmacology. However, to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), you should finish an accredited program and pass the national certification exam.

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