As you work in youth ministry there are a lot of challenges and tough tasks that you’ll be faced with. Being able to stand up to these challenges separates the mediocre youth leader and the youth leader who will make the difference in his or hers students’ lives, and will make lifelong strong relationships. Here are a few ways that you can improve your chances for success when dealing with your youth ministry students.
A successful youth ministry leader is very open with his or her students. When you are teaching a Bible lesson and you come across something that can be argued for or argued against, don’t shy away from open discussion and debate with your youth ministry. By allowing debate within youth ministry or your youth group you are encouraging her students to participate and engage in a class room environment. When your students engage and debate over the material that you are teaching your Bible lessons, you are sparking their interest if you are far more likely to have students who want to learn more and more about Scripture. A successful youth ministry leader will always allow for debate and questioning of the material that is being taught, just make sure that you are well prepared for any questions that might come your way and you have justified answers for the ways that you feel or think.
Being a successful youth ministry leader also means that you reach out to those in need. If you see a student who may be suffering from depression or is lacking important social skills, reach out to them and see if you can help. Maybe one of your students is extremely shy, make it a point to try and help that student breakout of the shell and participate more in the classroom. One of the ways that you can help a shy student is by encouraging them to participate more in class. Give them responsibilities that are not packed with pressure or much attention. A simple way to do this is to have a shy student write the answers that everybody’s brain storming onto the blackboard.
You should also talk about topics that have relevance in your youth ministry students’ lives. Keeping your student’s attention is fairly easy when you are talking about subjects which impact them in a deal with on a daily basis. When you are teaching a Bible lesson and you are making references from Scripture, be sure to make a connection with the stories from the Bible to their lives and topics that are occurring in today’s world. By keeping your Bible lessons and youth ministry material fresh with topics that are happening today, you are keeping your message relevant and not outdated.
Youth ministry work can be challenging but by keeping a strong foundation by teaching sound biblical scripture and being there for your students as a youth leader is extremely fulfilling and helpful to those around you. Always look for ways to improve your youth and work and don’t be afraid to ask your students for feedback on the job that you’re doing.

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