British young man seemed to understand China’s national conditions Hoogewerf, two years ago, “Shenzhou” successful recovery when released from the “Rich List”, to coincide with the “Shenzhou VI” success


Day, the 7th, he issued the “Rich List.” “Seven Year Itch” seemed to change the law, when the various “rich list” endless Today list is already difficult to attract people’s attention, even s list was also made a strong challenge to its.

As “Hoogewerf mainland China in 2005 Rich List,” s list, Henan Jianye’s Hu Baosen clear that “does not care about evaluation results,” Chang Chun Wang Henan XINWANG group is very bluntly said, “Hoogewerf Rich List is not realistic, does not face the reality, good or bad casually, just to attract attention, regardless of other life and death. ” He told reporters: “I do not know where their data came from, never been in business, not doing the actual investigation, the man casually to pull the list, this is very irresponsible. Now enterprises have been in a semi-shutdown state, but also what the rich do, this is not the whole man Kill you? “(Oct. 13,” the East this report “)

Be honest, I Forbes and the “new wealth”


And Hoogewerf’s rich list is not very interesting, after all, it left us in the meager subsistence wages were too far away. However, it order to continue, it should at least win their interest and support of the rich, if even s list are accused of its “irresponsible” and “disregard of other people live or die,” I am afraid that such


Also a bad play with anymore.

S list why the accused “Rich List”? Not be ruled out and some companies reluctant to “reveal the rich,” the, of course, individual companies are afraid of “Empress came in the face of a negative impact on business”, but still more accusations against the Hurun’s Rich List, “there is no factual investigation.” Then, “Rich List” is how the birth of it? According to reports, “Rich List” of the information sources are four main channels: first, all important, the foreign media; Second, notice the stock market, including China and Hong Kong


, GEM, Singapore stock market, Nasdaq, New York, Toronto, London and Sydney

Stock market; 3 from the field, Hoogewerf


Traveled around the country interviewed


, Journalists and local government agencies and participate in relevant seminars; Fourth, the team six years to build up an effective information network across the country and huge databases.

For the four channels of information, I do have a few questions to ask: First, several large companies will tell their own assets, without reservation, foreign media? Second, the stock market and securities market is changing, who can guarantee that the digital information they provide will not change over time? 3, Hoogewerf team visited each year in the end to the number of large enterprises? 4, of the top enterprise “in a semi-shutdown state enterprises”, Hoogewerf team know it? Gain a clear understanding of these four problems are not hard, close look “Hoogewerf mainland China in 2005 Rich List” to know. This year’s “Rich List” the greatest “dark horse” is a serious medium and that his “worth” than last year’s survey results increased sharply 11 billion yuan, it is not because of strict medium and the


Performance soared, but only because he was always low-key team underestimated Hoogewerf worth. Even the “Rich List” of the founder of Hoogewerf, also had himself admitted: “In China, some people are too mysterious, too low-key,” “should not all Ranking Ranking of” Even






Yang Guoping traffic, but also because “they are not transparent” and not to the list, how can such a lack of the spirit of the times, “Rich List”, the authority, then how much credibility there?

Just as s list Wangchao Bin said: “Even commercial


, Richest should have its authority and credibility. “But now, I do not care about ordinary people and so on, the rich have also expressed doubts that the” Rich List “have much meaning at all? So we put it at best as a small number of wealthy British youth and their play a game fills it when read, do not take it too seriously it wants to.

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